Residential Water Heater Service-Repair.

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Are you in the need for a Plumber in the Vernon,CT Area, For  Residential Water Heater Repair-Service  or New Water Heater Installation? 

 GMAC Plumbing is your local vernon ct  water heater service&repair specialist.

 If Your Water Heater has suddenly developed a leak, or just not giving you enough of hot water for your families demands,

GMAC Plumbing can replace your existing water heater to a new  high efficiency water heater to maximize your savings with energy star rebates  and reduce your fuel bills.

Our water heater repair specialists, can service or repair, most residential water heater models. From electric water heaters to boiler indirect water heaters. GMAC Plumbing is your first choice to call for Water Heater Repair or Replacement in CT.

 Water Heater Installation

Call today to have one of our licensed water heater service plumbers  evaluate and or inspect your water heater to determine its age and efficiency rating.

In most cases, we can help you save hundreds by upgrading to a newer, more energy efficient water heater model.

We install, service, repair, and perform maintenance, for most types of water heaters.

Whether you're looking for a straight replacement or deciding to maximize your energy savings, we can install, supply, and design your new water heating system to save you money on your fuel expenses.

We also provide service and repairs to water heaters that are connected to your existing oil, natural gas, or propane boiler. Along with a expert evaluation, to make you aware if your indirect water heater is piped and installed correctly to the most updated  plumbing codes in CT. 

High Hot Water Demand?tankless water heater

We can install a new high efficiency water heater,either tank less type,or tank type.So you will get the most hot water to satisfy your hot water demands.

Looking to save floor space?

We can install a state of the art tankless water heating system to give you back that space you have been desiring for a long time.

Call or schedule appointment online, to see if you can convert to a tankless water heater system. Immediately you will see the difference in hot water consistency, along with lowered fuel bills. 

Want to save on electric bills?and get a tax credit?.

Contact us today and we can replace your'e old existing electric water heater and install a high efficiency electric hybrid model that will qualify you for a tax credit with an operational cost of approx $195 annually.

Whether its a small  water heater repair, water heater system designing, or a safety inspection or cleaning  — Call GMAC PLUMBING today for all your  water heating  repair needs.

We offer  maintenance services  for all types of water heaters to help you achieve maximum efficiency.

We also offer financing to upgrade your current  Water Heater to a more efficient modern type  water heating system.



We Repair,Service,Or Replace Most Types of Residential Water Heaters:

  • On-demand (tankless) water heater repair and installation
  • Gas water heater installation and repairgeo spring hybrid water heater
  • Electric water heater repair and installation
  • Oil Water Heater Repair/Replace
  • Propane Water Heater Repair/Replace
  • Hot Water Heater high efficiency models (Power Vented)
  •  Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater Tank or Piping. ***Heat pump servicing not included***
  •  Tankless Coil Water Heaters On Boilers
  •  Indirect Water Heaters Connected To Boilers

Our Residential Water Heater Services In CT.

  • Power vent water heaters service and installation
  • Oil fired water heater repair and installation
  • Boiler Indirect Water heater service and controls
  • Propane Water Heater Repair and installation
  • Extended warranties on all makes and models
  • Installations of electric hybrid model water heaters
  • Flushing and cleaning of tankless water heating heating systems

  • Water Heater overflow pan installations, and alarms

  • Water Heater Inspections
  • Water Heater Anode Rod Replacement
  • Water Heater Burner Cleaning
  • Boiler Tankless Coil to Indirect Water Heater Conversion
  • Oil to Natural Gas Water Heater Conversion
  • Water Heater Efficiency Testing
  • Water Testing
  • Water Heater piping and Leak Repairs
  • Water Heater Valve Replacements
  • Plus More Services Offered

We also can install any water heater from Home Depot or Lowes to keep in your budget.

Call 860-543-2730 Today!  To Schedule Safety Inspection On Your Current Water Heater!

Or Schedule Service Online: